6 Things to do on Valentine's Day (that is not Dinner)

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Dinner, we do it every night...why waste cupid's arrow on something so routine? Save yourselves the risk of a spinach-tooth date catastrophe, and order off the menu for a memorable Valentine's. 

  1. Go to a Reading: Junot Diaz, author of DrownThis Is How You Lose Her and The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao which won him the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. He's, like, really cool. Bonus, the reading is free to attend! 7pm Phillips Hall (more info: here)

  2. Attend an Art Exhibition: Vero Rose Smith public art installation at Public Space One explores the questions of the "Futured: Visions and Dreams of a Hopeful Near-Present." Also Free! 4pm Public Space One

  3. Create Your Own Art: Brix is hosting Painting with Brush and Barrel! Grab a buddy and join this guided group painting event. With the addition of snacks and wine, you won't be disappointed. $40 6:30pm Brix

  4. Support Local Artists: By attending Yacht Club's Underground Open Mic Comedy Night! Free laughs are the best laughs. Free 8pm Yacht Club

  5. Perform Yourself: At the Mill's weekly karaoke night! Order some nachos, grab a beer to perpare yourself for the stage or be amused from a cozy corner in the back.  Free 8pm The Mill

  6. Forget Everyone Else: and take a luxurious bath! We love tossing in some bath salts, scrubbing off the week with Ebb + Flow's "Honey It's You" Facial Scrub before applying a Fig+Yarrow Clay Mask and sinking into the tub with some good wine. While you soak, put on a podcast and let your stress rinse off you. We found this great list of Valentine's themed Podcasts here :) Enjoy!

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