Loving Love: Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Vday Gift Guides


Whether your valentine is a special someone, your best pals, your dog, or yourself,

we've created a few guides to help you spread the love this year! 


The Gals:


Gift Guide: the Gals


Because partners aren't the only significant others in our lives... Enjoy the good

friendship vibes together with these cleansing masks and crystals. The sacred bond

of gal-pal-ships is worth celebrating too. 


  • [Holika Holika] Skin & Good Cera Super Cream Mask Sheet, $6
  • Hand in Hand Bar Soap in Lavender, $10
  • Little Flower Bar Soap in Lavender and Lemongrass,$8
  • "Life is Better with Friends" Banner by local artist: milk &  honeydew
  • Ebb and Flow assorted amethyst crystals
  • FADA Best Friends Heart Necklaces, $14 


The Vixen:

Gift Guide: Vixen


These treats are for the emboldened, the show-stoppers who don't stop shining behind

closed doors. For this we defer to this sultry Free People lace number and luscious, all natural

massage oil from Ebb and Flow.

Unleash your inner vixen. 


  • Organic Bath Trio Salts, $18
  • "Unite" Ebb and Flow massage oil, $24
  • Free People Midnight Hours Bodysuit, $88
  • Lulu Organics Face Cream, $14
  • "Let's Spoon Till Noon" : Revival x RSVP
  • Hand in Hand solid perfume in Bergamot and Ginger, $18


Pamper Yourself:


Stupid cupid need not apply this Valentine's. We're taking matters into our own hands, as well

as using them to lather, rinse and repeat with the most decadent soaps, lotions, and scents. 



The Romantic: 


Gift Guide: the romantic


Valentine's Day gives us all the go ahead to be a bit cheesy,

and a lot a bit full of love. Going out or staying in, you can't go wrong

with these perfections in pale pink.


  • Miniature Iowa Shape Soaps, $6
  • Soaps for Everybody Heart Shaped Soap, $8
  • LA Made cream racerback bralette, $42
  • LA Made pink lace bralette, $36
  • Ebb and Flow Goddess Dust, $18
  • OneSeventeen Linn Street Locket, $18
  • Barr-Co Bar Soap in Honeysuckle, $12


Happy Valentine's Day from us to you!

February 10, 2016 — Hannah Korpel