Fall Trends We Are Lovin'

Fall is here (kinda) + we are ready to layer + accessorize to our hearts desire! We have our eye on a few trends this season that makes us light up - so here are the top 8 fall trends we think you'll all love too :)

1. 70's Layering:

this tunic + flare pant combo is a great way to get that chic 70's style layering.

All pieces are vintage

All pieces are vintage

2. Pearl + Gold Accessories:

accessorize with simple gold pieces + pearl accents.

Earrings are Machete

3. Plaid Everything:

plaid coats, plaid pants, plaid button ups - you name it!

Coat is Rollas

4. Barrettes: 

multiple barrettes + hair accessories are the move.

Barrettes are in-store

5. Leather Dusters:

so classic + versatile!

Duster is vintage

6. White Shoes: 

this trend has stuck around another season + we are stoked!

Shoes are Salt + Umber

7. Fanny Packs:

bags are a great way to show off your personal style + all the awesome fanny packs we've seen the last two seasons are no exception.

Fanny pack is Baggu

8. Square Neck Lines:

always flattering + a great way to mix up a simple outfit.

Square neck blouse is Amuse Society