Layering 101

Today’s style lesson is how to survive when it’s -2ºF at 8 AM and 50ºF at noon. Unpredictable Iowa weather is no excuse for looking sloppy, so hang your ratty coats and mismatched mittens by the door.

  • Go full French girl with a turtleneck and long coat.
  • This look’s je ne sais quoi comes from just how classic it is. For the Audrey Hepburn version, pair it with sleek kitten heels; for the contemporary I-live-in-Paris-and-I-hardly-even-tried-to-look-this-good take, go for a low-profile sneaker.

    (Image: Moded Amour)

  • Do not fear the vest!
  • Go sporty with a puffer, luxe in faux fur, or even all-business with an Oxford shirt under a knit vest. Play with accessories or patterns to keep it from falling into Revenge of the Nerds territory.

    (Image: Christian Vierig via Refinery 29)

  • Play with proportions.
  • A crop sweater with a high-waisted midi skirt is a well-known formula for defining your waist—but with a long sweater and some textural interest, it has unexpected appeal.

    (Image: Cosmopolitan)

  • A blanket scarf is basically a Snuggie without the judgment.
  • This one goes out to all of you working in an office that hasn’t quite gotten around to turning off the A/C yet. (Our condolences.)

    (Image: Fashion and Style by Vanja Milicevic)

  • For the adventurous: heels and socks!
  • Long considered a style sin, this cozy combo has been on the streets a lot lately. A great place for a pop of color in an otherwise neutral outfit.

    (Image: Daniel Zuchnik via Stylecaster)