Spread Some LOVE - Customized Care Packages Available!

Hiya friends,

We have been putting together customized care packages for birthdays, anniversaries or just because!


We love this idea and want to continue this service - if you are interested DM us on instagram or email us at info@revivaliowacity.com


You can give us specific products, product types (such as bath salts, sheet masks, etc.) or you can give us a price point! Below is an example of one we put together with a price point of roughly $30!


We also have two options for the aesthetic of the package!

You can choose a Revival gift bag + we'll decorate it with pom poms or ribbon!

We also have cardboard gift boxes that we can decorate with twine or ribbon!

All packaging is FREE and we can decorate it however you'd like!

We are also still offering FREE local (Iowa City) delivery!


Reach out if you want to give a loved one a pick-me-up :)

April 06, 2020 — Meg Lowe