The 5 Vintage Items We Think You Need To Transition To Spring!

The 5 Vintage Items We Think You Need To Transition To Spring!

We are all anxiously awaiting spring here in the Midwest. We had our first 60º day on March 1, and the next day, it was back in the 30s again!  How *dare* you get our hopes up, March!

In this transitional period when the weather is so unpredictable, you need items that you can can wear in breezy mornings and sunny afternoons alike and feel comfortable and stylish no matter what. We picked out 5 vintage items you should be on the lookout for to make the transition to spring a piece of cake!


Light Wash Denim:

A GREAT-fitting pair of vintage, high-waisted jeans is are versatile enough to work in literally ALL seasons! This spring, go for a light wash. A few vintage brands we are always on the hunt for are Levi, Calvin Klein, Lee and Wrangler. If you know what to look for, you can find an amazing fit that you can pair with any t-shirt, blouse or sweater to give you that effortlessly cool vibe we all strive for. You also can't beat the fabric content—vintage denim is free of spandex or other stretchy materials, so they fit to your body but still keep their shape. I will say this ’til end of time—a great vintage denim is a staple in all wardrobes!


Neutral Prints:

Let's talk prints! Winter and spring prints are drastically different, but with a little care, you can find a balance between the two. A great neutral print like gingham, herringbone, paisley or stripes can carry you through most seasons, so save the florals and reach for the classics until the weather warms up. We recommend finding a great-fitting printed pant or a blazer or jacket that you can wear with many different pieces in many occasions. The pants above are wool, so they're perfect for those days that feel a bit more like winter than the rest—but if you can find a great cotton or silk pair, you could wear them longer into the season and maybe transition them into summer!




Every good stylist will tell you it’s all about layering. Knowing how to layer well takes a lot of practice, but once you figure out how you like to build an ensemble, it becomes second nature. One of my go-to layering tricks is the good ol' 90's turtleneck/dress combo. You can also layer t-shirts and tanks under summery dresses to make it work for spring. Experiment with jumpers, overalls and sundresses and you will be shocked by the new looks you create from your existing closet. We are getting new spring items everyday at the store, so come see what sparks some layering inspiration!


 Unique Basics:

A great vintage basic with gorgeous details can amplify your everyday looks! A simple t-shirt-and-jeans-kinda-day can be transformed completely with a tee like the one pictured above. Throw a cardigan or blazer on top to take the look to the next level. Celebrating the details in your clothing will make you love them that much more, and having unique pieces you really enjoy allows your personality to shine through. That is the most lovely part about style—it's a piece of your personality!



Silk is by far my favorite fabric. It is very elegant, it breathes well and it literally looks great with every other fabric. A great silk tee is a treasure, but also having a few silk blouses, a pant or a jacket can lighten up other winter pieces to transition them to spring. It's easy to throw on with a pair of jeans, and you will look effortlessly chic. 


Stop in and ask a shop girl to help you find all vintage/re-sale treasures like the ones above—we're all in this transition together! :)

Our Fall Denim + Their Fits!

Our Fall Denim + Their Fits!

It's that time of the year again... pumpkin spice everything, cozy sweaters + our personal favorite - DENIM! Everyone wants to find the perfect pair of jeans for the season that can be their go to pair for any look + here at Revival we want to share with you our personal favorite brands + fits!

Tribe Alive: can we just take a minute here to really appreciate this brand - their vision statement reads, "Tribe Alive empowers women around the world to find financial freedom through safe and meaningful employment at living wages. As a company, we measure success by impact, not profits. Our model is moving the fashion industry toward a more humane approach, where the Earth and the maker are valued equally to the customer." So not only are they super ethical + cool as hell, but their pants, oh wow their pants!

The High Rise Denim Pant:

So as you can see here, they have accomplished the most flattering crop wide leg pant we have yet to find - here they are in indigo.

Model is 5'7 - wearing a size 27.


Rollas: This is a solid favorite of every Revival gal + customer - pretty sure we all own at least 2 - 3 pairs. They fit every body type + style - they also keep their looks fresh with trends while still being sustainable - Their corporate social responsibility reads - "We recognize our role in shaping a more sustainable and responsible future for the fashion industry and are excited to be part of the innovations taking place to create meaningful change. Whilst we acknowledge we have a lot more to learn, we are certainly making significant progress every day and remain committed to making socially and environmentally sustainable choices throughout our processes."

Eastcoast Crop Flare:

These raw hem flare cuties have a super high waist + very stretchy! A great staple in any wardrobe!

Model is 5'9 - wearing a size 26!

Eastcoast Crop Flare - buuuuuuut in corduroy!

Here are the same babies in a black corduroy without the raw hem and ohhhh my are they cute!

Model is 5'9 - Wearing size 26!

Slim Sailor Pant:

These jeans are the perfect hue of blue + have a slight trouser look to them - perfectly paired with your favorite blouse or button up!

Model 5'7 - Wearing size 27

The Sailor Jean

Model is 5'9 - Wearing size 26

Model is 5'7 - Wearing size 27

These 80's style denim are a dreeeaaaam! They are the perfect flare + look at the adorable pocket details in the front + back!

Old Stone Duster:

Model 5'9 - Wearing size 26

The Dusters are a signature Rolla jean with the slight boot cut and high rise waist! These are for those who like a tighter fit jean!

Original Straight Jean:

Model is 5'7 - Wearing size 27

These are the pair of jeans every Revival gal + their friends have boughten for this season! They are the perfect shade of denim, super high rise + a comfortable straight fit - they literally go with everything!

 Just Black: this is a brand we have + always will carry at Revival. They are a crowd favorite - they are comfy, have a very flattering fit + they are made in the USA. "We are just as passionate about high quality denim as we are about making them in the USA." - JBD

Scissor Cut Crop Flare:

Model is 5'9 - Wearing size 26

Need a pair of black jeans to pair with your favorite booties? Here they are! They also have the most adorable raw hem!

High Rise Clean Cigarette:

Model is 5'9 - Wearing size 26

Last but not least we have the very traditional, but also very stylish light wash skinnies - these are what we think of when you ask for an everyday jean!

Come stop in + ask to try some of these style on with us - we'll help you find the perfect pair for your fall wardrobe :)



October 09, 2019 — Meg Lowe
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Revival Denim : Our 2 Fav Brands & All Their Fits!

Revival Denim : Our 2 Fav Brands & All Their Fits!

Rolla Jeans: Looking for a vintage style denim pant with a stretchier form fit? Well here they are! Every staff member has a pair of these babies.

Cute booties of all shapes and sizes!

The Eastcoast Boot: we have these babies in Storm Black! Great for those who love a great classic black jean, but want a little edge as well!

Look at all that fringe *heart eye emoji*

There is nothing dusty about these Layla Blue Dusters from Rolla! The wash on these is quite perfect & again with that fringe! This is a shop girl fan pick!

Another Duster style, The Karen Blue! These are more form fitting, but have the traditional high waist like most Rolla denim, which is such a great combo! Our shop girl, Josephine likes to roll hers up to show off her ankle booties & we are here for it!

Another demin brand we're obsessed with is a company that makes high quality products right here in the U.S. called Just Black! Shop girls, Madison, Maggy & Josephine are all wearing a pair in the above pic! These jeans are so so good & also so so comfy! They are slightly stretchy so they are form fitting & come in all kinds of modern cuts & fits! They're a pair of jeans you fall in love with & keep buying new pairs so come in & try some on this weekend :)

These are the Crop Fray Step Hem & we are lovin' that high/low fringe cut hem!

The Scissor Cut Crop Flare is definitely our trendiest pair & go with everything coming out on our floor this fall!

Our High Rise Clean Straight These are very similar cut to a classic vintage high rise denim pair of pants.... but stretchy... which is awesome! We love how again, shop girl Josephine also styled this pair with a rolled hem. Very 80's :)

The Ankle Skinny Pretty self-explanatory :) A skinnier cut w/ a straight ankle! A jean for every occasion!

We love everything down to the name of these jeans! Here are the High Rise Clean Cigarette pants from Just Black! A very timeless style! A good dark blue wash, skinny ankle & high rise!

Our last Just Black jean in stock are the Super High Frayed Hem Skinny pants! We say this about every pair but boooyyyy do we love these! The rise is really high, the fit is slim, but stretchy & the hem is frayed, but skinny enough to get into a boot if need be, which you can see in the above pic! These are pretty fantastic pants.

Come see us & try them for yourself, though! We'd love to help you pick a pair :)

The 2018 Way to Wear Skinny Jeans

The 2018 Way to Wear Skinny Jeans

It's a well-known phenomenon that denim trends move through a very frequent cycle of popularity. The vintage denim we spend hours sifting through at thrift stores is the same style that women lived in in the 70s and again in the 90s. While we've grown used to this yearly shift in denim trends, there is one style that has proven itself immune to this cycle. Despite seasonal predictions constantly declaring this style or that as the replacement for skinny jeans, they're once again at the top of the denim ladder. 

While skinny jeans aren't going anywhere anytime soon, they have gone through a much-needed update in the last few seasons. So what is the 2018 way to wear skinny jeans? Skinny jeans are becoming more of a compromise between their former super-slim fit and straight leg. Rise will continue to stay pretty high this season and stretch denim will be replaced with more traditional non-stretch fabrics - the idea being that the flattering appeal of skinny jeans will remain while the super-tight, uncomfortable aspects are removed. 

January 28, 2018 — Eliza Huber