Here are our holiday tips on how to look good in maximum stretchiness - because we would never, EVER suggest you don’t take that second slice of pumpkin pie. Happy Thanksgiving, friends :)

1. Break out your biggest, coziest, over-sized-est sweater. This is no time for a tailored look up top; leggings and tall boots will do all the work of balancing out the proportions on top and bottom.

(Photo: The Sister Studio)

(Shop girl Libby in her vintage wool over-sized sweater paired with a silk printed button up underneath)

2. Jumpsuits are a holiday GO-TO - they are always flattering + good for every sort of event:

(Jumpsuit: Lacausa - Pheonix Jumpsuit)

3.The leather jacket and minimalist shoe give this look just enough edge to keep these harem pants from looking like pajamas (even though they are just as comfy!)

(Photo: Fashion Tasty)

4. Break out the sportswear for the model-off-duty-going-to-the-gym look, even if all you’re lifting this Thanksgiving is your fork. ;)

(Photo: Hello Fashion)

5. Sets!! Find yourself a set with an elastic waist so you can tuck it for a more fitted look + after plate numero 3 you can un-tuck for an oversized tee look or just to let yourself BREATH.

(Velour Set: Rita Row - Top: Tuva Tee, Bottoms: Gydda Pants)

(Off-White Midi Skirt + Tee Set - Rita Row - Top: Khaki Sweatshirt, Bottoms: Khaki Stretch Skirt)

6. Thanksgiving is the perfect time for a flannel moment—wear it slouchy with leggings, tucked into mom jeans, or tie it around your waist for maximum grunge vibes AND food-baby coverage.

(Photo: Seventeen)

7. Two words: BIG CARDIGAN. We’re talkin’ BIG.

(Photo: Straight A Style)

8. A shop girl favorite - The color, the texture, the fit! These pants are definitely what we think you should be wearing for the holidays - pair with a simple tee or loose fitting blouse + rock your Thanksgiving!

(Pants - Paloma Wool - Margherita Pants)

November 26, 2019 — LV x Revival