Rogue Paq - Thank You for Pot Smoking Grinder

$ 36.00

Rogue Paq - Thank You for Pot Smoking Grinder

Meet your new design-forward grind. At 2" diameter she's sized to take on the go. Her diamond grind teeth will make quick and fluffy work of your favorite strains. She also features a kief-catching chamber which will ensure that you don't miss out on any of the benefits of your favorite flower. Sprinkle that kief directly into your jay and receive next-level output. And, as always, thank you for pot smoking.


W: 50mm, 2" I H: 1.5"

Rogue Paq Thank You For Pot Smoking Weed Grinder Specs:

  • Aluminum for durability 
  • Diamond shaped teeth for a smoother grind with uniform "fluffy" consistency 
  • Magnetic lid
  • Easy-threading for a smooth grinding experience
  • Fine mesh screen
  • Kief-catching chamber
  • Mini scraping tools included