Bath + Body Oil
Bath + Body Oil
$ 44.00

Bath + Body Oil

Bath + Body Oil - Fig + Yarrow

4 oz. + 8 oz. Glass Jar

Highly nourishing + balancing blend of oils to be used as a bath soak, moisturizer and/or massage oil. Use as an oil based facial cleanser, hair oil for dry strands, or simply use for dry hands and cracked cuticles. Available in two blends and two sizes. 

Woods: A grounding and detoxifying arboraceous blend for all skin types, especially those prone to body blemishes, dimpling, or skin in need of repair. Ingredients: Oils of Virgin Hemp Seed*, Virgin Olive Fruit*, Virgin Grape Seed*, Virgin Avocado Seed*, Tocopherol (Non GMO Vitamin E), Yarrow*, Comfrey*, Horsetail*, Calendula*, Rosemary Leaf Extract*, Essential Oils of Cypress, Atlas Cedar, Virginian Cedar, Juniper, Carrot Seed, Patchouli (* Certified Organic)

Meadow: A gorgeously aromatic and emollient blend of floral essences and nourishing oils for all skin types. Ingredients: Oils of Virgin Sweet Almond Kernel*, Virgin Olive Fruit*, Virgin Pumpkin Seed*, Virgin Grape Seed, Rose Petals*, Chamomile Flower*, Lavender*, Marigold Flower*, Tocopherol (Non GMO Vitamin E), Rosemary Leaf Extract*, Essential Oils of Rosewood, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Geranium (* Certified Organic)

Paraben, Fragrance, Sulfate, Gluten and Cruelty Free

Made in the USA