Beauty by Earth - Dry Brushing Body Brush

$ 16.00

Beauty by Earth - Dry Brushing Body Brush

Give your skin a chance to be its best! Our round body brush smooths, exfoliates, and rejuvenates, all with a few simple strokes. It’s a seamless addition to any morning or evening routine.


Boar bristles are loved by beauty enthusiasts for their natural flexibility and durability. Boar hair's stiff anatomy offer an invigorating brushing session.

GRASS TREE WOOD (Xanthorrhoea)

Despite its name, this slow-growing flowering plant isn't actually a tree at all. But it's beautiful marbled stem offers sustainable, light-weight material for crafting many household goods, from tables to dry brush heads.

Start with dry skin before your shower routine and brush your body.

Plan to use your brush before you shower — you want your skin to be dry. Starting at your feet, place the brush bristles against your skin. 

Brush upwards using smooth, long strokes. Go over each portion of skin 12 times before moving on to the next. Use the same process to brush your legs and arms. Always move towards the center of your body. Use circular motions to brush your back, stomach, and armpits. 

Be gentle! Your skin may look a little pink after you brush, but it should never be painful or red.

Jump in the shower or bath to finish your routine!

Complete your routine with a shower and your favorite body moisturizer.