Casa Nortes - The Rayenari Top | Wild Flowers

$ 160.00

Casa Nortes - The Rayenari Top | Wild Flowers

Made with 100% Cotton Floral Fabric

One Size. Best fits sizes small & medium. 
Two handmade buttons on the neck and on sleeves accommodate for 2 sizes.
Please check our “Size Chart” page for measurements and on model references.

 Every top is made-to-order
Please wait 2-3 weeks for your piece to be shipped. 

Rayénari which means Sun in Raramuri
Known as the god “Father Sun”. It takes care of men during the day, they are an animistic culture which believe in the spiritual essence of every single thing on earth. They praise to the sun to keep a social balance of the cosmos and society. They use the moon, the sun and the stars as guides for the crops and life surrounding them.

Made with love in Mexico

We acknowledge our privileged reality in this relationship and are aware of the crucial need to have ethical and moral guidelines that shelter an honest and open relationship with the Rarámuri community.

Through selling our garments we are participating in a capitalist system, which is probably one of the most pressing issues for indigenous communities, recognizing that the Rarámuri culture it’s not based in commerce and monetary success, but our society, we, have created a system in which they are exploited and their lands taken away, which makes it difficult for them to keep their customs. In consequence they are forced to somewhat adapt to this society. Our goal is to work on a sensible option for the Rarámuri that are already in the settlements of the city.   

They opened the door to us and shared their knowledge, therefore we have to be transparent, respectful and an ally.