Ebb & Flow - The Free Spirit Rollerball

$ 28.00

Ebb & Flow The Free Spirit Rollerball

"the free spirit"

a synergistic essential oil blend formulated to ignite the soul, open the heart, and keep the spirit abundant & free. with a citrine crystal in every bottle. 

apply generously to wrists, and rub onto neck/arms/chest. 

great for times of doubt & questioning, this formula opens the heart & mind to true freedom. it grounds you, and enhances the best of your aura field. sensual & warm, this scent is a great daily wearer. 

citrine is a sunny, fabulous crystal. the energies are bright, it is said to bring abundance & protection. 

ingredients: citrine crystal, organic essential oils of rosewood, patchouli, geranium, & apricot kernel oil