Ebb & Flow - The Healer Rollerball

$ 28.00

Ebb & Flow The Healer Rollerball

"the healer"

a synergistic essential oil blend, formulated to create mind, body, & spirit balance and healing. reduces effects of migraines & headaches. I like to do a nice thick roll across my forehead & on temples. great for anxiety release. 

an amethyst crystal in every bottle to promote a constant aura of calm and peace ~ also great for settling stress & anxiety. 

if you like our "Strip My Mind" mist, this is just a more concentrated version ~

use: apply to pressure points, temples, wrists, nape of the neck or anywhere else you carry stress. when suffering from migraine/anxiety, surround yourself with this scent; breathe in deep, & concentrate on healing. 

I like to apply a line of it across my forehead if I have a headache or migraine. great to apply before bed, breathing these essences in your sleep can help you wake rejuvenated

ingredients: amethyst crystal, essential oils of vetiver, clary sage, lavender, orange, geranium, & peppermint