$ 22.00

Library of Flowers Parfum Crema (Ch. 1)

The Parfum Crema from Library of Flowers is available in three delicate and feminine scents from the Chapter 1 Collection (Cotton + String). Intended for use as an alternative to a traditional perfume. Founded by internationally renowned perfumer and artist Margot Elena. Use a dab or two for use as a perfume or layer over general moisturizer for a full body experience. 

Field + Flowers: Notes of apricot, honeyed blossom and wildflowers.

Linden: Notes of linden blossom, narcissus and clover honey.

Honeycomb: Notes of sugared fig, ambrosia honey and royal bee blossom.

  • Dimensions: 1" H 3.125" D
  • Fill Weight: 2.5 oz | 70.8 g