$ 16.00

Magic Mama Salve

this is a 2oz metal tin of salve, rub on a minor itchy cut, burn, eczema breakout, or growing belly to promote insane moisture, skin elasticity, collagen production, cooling relief, & fast {magical!} healing ~ if you are in limbo between choosing the mist or salve; the salve version is great for deeper treatment, cake it on and cover your ailment. the salve is also great for rubbing on cracked heels, hands, and elbows. GREAT for the workin' man ~~ my dad & my man both have those cracked worker hands, this formula has been something they LOVEEEE

magic mama potion" is 100% organic. plantain & lavender are solar infused into hempseed, oil combined with luxurious organic raw shea butter, and beeswax, then finished with essential oils of tea tree, & lavender
~ and topped with lavender flowers