Orejas - The Stripe V-Neck Tee

$ 33.00 $ 55.00

Orejas - The Stripe V-Neck Tee

A generous V-neck, stripes and asymmetrical lengths come together in this sophisticated tee that boasts both style and top-notch ventilation, even on the hottest summer days. Need we say more?

Materials: 55% hemp, 45% GOTS-certified organic cotton

Care: Wash cold water with gentle cycle, low heat drying or air dry flat, with similar colors only.

Made with a midweight and breathable 5.5oz. knitted jersey fabric with the perfect blend ratio of hemp and cotton, this tee is your best pal under the sun. Hemp gives the fabric better durability, breathability and a silky texture, while the organic cotton retains the softness and comfort.

Hemp is deemed as one of the most sustainable natural crops. It requires very little agro-chemcials and irrigation during cultivation. It is also often grown as a rotation crop to replenish the nutrients in soils.

Organic cotton is grown with non-GMO seeds and without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Compared with conventionally-cultivated cotton, organic cotton has a much smaller water and carbon footprint. It also imposes fewer health risks to farmers.