Period. - The Reusable Pad | 5 Piece Bundle

$ 20.00

Period. - The Reusable Pad | 5 Piece Bundle

Make any kind of underwear Period underwear.

The most affordable, absorbent, toxin free, comfortable reusable pads. 

I’m a no brainer. I’m exactly like disposable pads, except you can keep reusing me and I am toxin free. Nasty plastic gone. Nasty bleach gone. I’m toxin-free organic cotton and super soft. Use me in your regular underwear, use me as extra back up in Period underwear, then throw me in the wash and I’m good to go again. I’m great for heavy and light days. 

Quick fact: did you know the plastic tape bit on disposable pads is one of the most polluting plastics in the world? It has a super high carbon footprint as well.

Each pad measures 10.25" long and 3.25" wide at the narrowest part. 
5 piece bundle

Trying to do period math? Click here to work out how many pairs you need for your period according to your Flow Threshold.