Period. - The Reusable Panty Liner | 5 Piece Bundle

$ 20.00

Period. - The Reusable Panty Liner | 5 Piece Bundle

Light absorbency, for everyday use. 

I am the newest biggest deal around here. That’s right. I’m the Panty Liner. The Period Company had so many requests from their community for a reusable, amazing Panty Liner that they invented me - da dah! I can be worn every single day, and help absorb the last days of a period, discharge and small bladder leaks. You wear me just like a disposable panty liner, except that you can wash me and reuse me again and again and again. I’m waste-free and hassle-free. I don’t want to brag, but the number one period product used in the world is a disposable panty liner. Imagine all the trash that is? With me, you don’t have any waste and I last for years. See? Amazing. 

When to wear: every day! I absorb the lightest end of a period, bladder leaks, and I help protect your underwear from discharge.

Each pad measures 10.25" long and 3.25" wide at the narrowest part. 

5 piece bundle