Period. The Sporty High Waisted in PeriodTech

$ 13.00

Period. The Sporty Heavy High Waisted in PeriodTech

Leak-free, super-absorbent, designed to withstand ultra-movement and sweat.  Absorbs 8 to 10 tampons worth!

I’m your favorite high-waisted style. I’m super absorbent, comfy and stylish and….
I can run, spin, do squats, yoga, work out, mountain climb. Or I can just sit down and relax. I hold the gold medal in being waste-free. 

The Sporty. High Waisted is made from our PeriodTech™ fabric - a super stretchy Nylon and Spandex knit that moves with you. As always, the gusset is made with organic cotton.

When To Wear: doing a marathon, going to the supermarket, and everything in between.