Sheer Eco Tights | Black

$ 14.00

Sheer Eco Tights | Black

The Anna tights are ethically made in Italy with accelerated biodegradability Amni Soul Eco® polyamide. It's a sheer 30 denier tights with a very soft matte finish. Breathable, light and so soft. Wear it and forget it! Also available in navy blue.

🌿 Environmental benefits: Unlike your regular nylon stockings, which take decades to break down, the Anna is an innovative tights, made with AMNI SOUL ECO®, a yarn with accelerated biodegradability, which breaks down in 3 to 5 years when landfilled*, compared to over 50 years for synthetic fibers in general. It reduces the environmental impact and the amount of waste left for future generations.

The biodegradation properties of Amni Soul Eco® become apparent only and exclusively under landfill conditions, where there is no oxygen and where bacteria are found specifically responsible for anaerobic decomposition.

  •  Materials: 85% Amni Soul Eco® polyamide* and 15% bio-compatible elastane.

  •  Care Instructions: Hand wash