The Cool Rib Fold Beanie

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The Cool Rib Fold Hat | Nirvanna Designs

Nirvanna Designs was born from a long and inspirational trip to Asia taken by the founders in 1996.  Overwhelmed with love and appreciation for what they had been fortunate enough to experience from their travels the designers decided to create a company that would share these gorgeous treasures of craft with the rest of the world. Their gratitude for the beauty and kindness they experienced was the base of the foundation for the company. From then on the company has created products that incorporate century old techniques to perpetuate the crafts of the Himalayan people. These characteristics are what sets Nirvanna Designs products apart.  They give wearers the feeling of soulfulness and consciousness as every item purchased helps to employee the craftspeople of the very beautiful, yet very poor country of Nepal.

he name says it all... The Cool.  For wearers of the same disposition, this hat is thick, warm and confident because it knows what it's job is when it is needed, regardless of the environment.  Inspired by a laissez-faire attitude to simply let things be and be cool when things are not the most ideal.  For example, 

WEATHER: "it's effing cold out" 

YOU: "that's cool, I'll just put my Nirvanna hat on.  It's all good."