12 Things to do Before 2018

12 Things to do Before 2018

With less then a month left of 2017, let's make this December a good one! 

1. Create Something

A card, baked goods, DYI Christmas decor, or the ICDD's annual gingerbread competition - it's all about the process not the result right?

2. "Spring" Clean

You'll feel so much better entering a new year with a clean space! This could be a kitchen cupboard, that pesky junk drawer, or your closet! (Pro Tip: let us help you trade in those old clothes for Christmas gifts at Revival! Here's how.)


3. Write a Letter

To a badass lady in your life. Getting a handwritten letter these days feels so special and there's something so satisfying about writing it down. Need some cute stationary? The lovely ladies at R.S.V.P. do it best! 


4. Host a Dinner Party

When the temperature dips, the desire to snuggle up inside increases. But why do it alone? Have some friends around for something as simple as wine and cheese! Or if you're feeling festive, we've got a divine mulled wine recipe below! 


Bottle of Dry Red Wine

1 Orange (sliced in rounds)

2 Cinnamon Sticks

8 Whole Cloves

1/4 Cup of Honey

Directions: Put everything together in a pot and heat on stove. Be Merry!

4. Read a Book

We've got one month left of 2017 to read a book, we can definitely do that right? Plus, Iowa City IS the city of literature. Need some ideas? The favorites sections at the Public Library and Prairie Lights is always a great place to start. 


6. See a (Holiday) Film

While curling up to a film at home is great at all, actually going to the theater makes it an experience. Beside's there normal, suburb selection, Film Scene is screening some holiday classic this year like It's a Wonderful Life & the Elf


7. Have Some "Me" Time

With scheduling time for your parents, grandparents, kids, partner, and cat, we all deserve a little time for self care. A personal favorite pastime is bath time. 


Need some inspiration? Find our favorite bath accessories are here.

8. Winter Farmer's Market

Who knew? Well, a lot of people probably. An amazing way to still eat local during the colder months! Located out at the fair grounds. And maybe take this amazing handmade, fair wage, tote with you!


9.  Exercise 

Whether it's taking the time to recommit to that yoga class or trying something new (who knows? Maybe kettle bells are your new favorite thing), keeping active the entire year is so important. Even if it's just so we can eat those extra Holiday cookies.


10. Cozy Drink Date with a Friend

Sanctuary  in the winter is one of my favorite spots. The fires, the glow of the candles, the cheese plates... but you don't even need to go out to have a friend date. Hot Cocoa (with Bailey's) at home can hit just the spot!


11. Festive Day Trip

Taking a day to explore somewhere new, especially this time of year when every streetlight has a new, festive outfit on. Cedar Rapid's Brucemore mansion has holiday tours all through December that look oh so festive, Coralville's Aisle of Lights is coming up, or there's Iowa City's brand new Pop Up Market on the pedmall! (We'll be there on the 14th -17th!)

12. Give Back

I don't have to convince you of this one. Whether it's time or money, a stranger a neighbor, let's find the time to show some love during the Holidays. If you need a place to start, the ICDD is hosting a Mystery Giving Shop where 100% of the proceeds go to United Way.


Happy Holidays!!