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Currently Buying: FALL/WINTER 

Revival is accepting items for resale during regular business hours on all days of the week. Items will be reviewed and priced by a buyer at a later time. All items dropped off will be reviewed, priced and available for payment on the following Thursday.


  • Please limit items dropped off to 2 bags and/or totes.
  • All items must be freshly laundered, neatly folded and free of any stains, odors and damages. Please do not bring items in on hangers. 
  • Donation is now an option for anyone who does not want their items returned to them.
  • We donate to various locally run charities, including but not limited to Crowded Closet, UAY & DVIP.


  • Say you stop in on Tuesday to sell some items; those items will be reviewed, priced and you will be contacted by the upcoming Thursday. If you drop off on Thursday, they will be ready to go by the following Thursday.
  • If you choose Trade and do not need to review your items and/or pricing, we can issue your credit as soon as a buyer has reviewed your items and donate the remainder.

Pricing & Payouts

***effective, Thursday March 30, 2017***

Pricing is at the discretion of the owner and employees of Revival. Our prices are based on condition, inventory levels and demand for styles. A state, federal, or school ID is required.  

We offer three payment options for clients selling their clothing:

Cash Upfront- 25% of our retail selling price

We offer clients the option of having cash for your goods right there on the spot instead of waiting for your items to sell. We will give you 25% of Revival's retail price.

Store Trade- 40% of our retail selling price

We offer clients 40% of Revival's retail price in store credit. Credit (or trade) is given on the spot and is good for one year.  Please note that store credit/store trade is only available for use in store and not online. 

Consignment- 40% of the our retail selling price

We offer clients a consignment option, which is 40% of the final selling price.  We keep detailed records of the goods you leave on consignment, markdowns, and when and how much the items sell for. Consigners may check the balance of the account and get paid out for the items that have sold at any time. This option is only available to sellers with 10 or more items. 

Please note we cannot guarantee all payment options will be available at all times. To confirm your preferred method of payment will be available, please call ahead. 

Local Artists + Makers:

We also encourage local designers to sell their items at Revival on consignment. To inquire on selling your handmade items, please email with information about your items, pricing, and images if available.  

Have Store Trade?

Store trade is entered and tracked via, Revival Rewards. Sign in to check your trade balance here.