Selling Walk-In Weekend

April 4/26 - 4/28

No Appointment Required!
We've heard you!
We want to make sure everyone who wants to sell with us can.
Appointments will also continue to be available throughout the month of April.
How It Works:
First come, first service basis.
Wait times vary based on volume. Waits typically between 30min-1hr
Friday: 12-5
Saturday: 12-5
Sunday: 1-4
*may end earlier depending on wait times*
Upon arrival, you will complete our buying consent form. You can bring a MAXIMUM of TWO totes.
Our buyers reserve the right to not review items if you bring more than two.
After completing the consent, your items will be checked in & placed in our review line. A buyer will review your items the same day you drop-off.
 Once your sort is completed, we will text you. You may leave or stay on-site while items are reviewed.  
You MUST come & collect your items by the end of the day or THEY WILL BE DONATED.
We will NOT be holding your items overnight.
What are we buying? Find Out Here!
Questions? Drop us a message!