Five Days of Anna Wickes
Anna Wickes


Revival is a very close knit group of ladies, so when one of our own departs, it's a big deal. We'd like to celebrate our beloved friend and co-worker with "Five Days of Anna Wickes."


To start if off, we defer to our head honcho Sheila for a few words about where it all began and where it's all going!



Where to even begin....well first off, Anna Wickes is awesome in every way - awesome woman, awesome friend, awesome style, awesome employee - just awesome!!!!

Here is the quick story of how it all begin, what she does and how incredibly missed she will be (and how incredibly lucky NYC & Twelve will be to have her):

When I first got Anna's resume I remember thinking - omg this woman wants to work here? I'm hiring her even though we don't really "need" to - the universe clearly knew what she was doing ;) That was back in the summer of 2010, Anna started at Revival as a sales associate. Quickly her superior  work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and even tho she was busy studying history at the university she set her sight on growing Revival's online store and web presence! And grow it she did (to say the least) she built it up from pretty much nothing - now we have a thriving online store and a fun & effective social media presence!

For the last two years, Anna has been in charge of Revival's Online, E-Commerce and marketing. She also is the brains and designer of Revival's jewelry line, One Seventeen. I should also mention she  has been the best office mate a girl could ask for!!!

As she heads off for NYC to work at the amazing product development agency, TwelveNYC, all of us Shopgirls (both past and present) would like to spend her last week here giving her the props she deserves!!!! So get ready we have a whole week ahead of us with stories, memories, Annaisms and much much more ways we want to celebrate the absolutely neat-O lady!!!

Stayed tuned :)

February 22, 2016 — Hannah Korpel