Day 3: Pack your fanny, laugh it off, and then shake it

We're beginning our night with our (we wish) best friend Margaret Cho, performing at Hancher. This lady has been living large in all mediums. Known to most as an accomplished stand-up comic, she is also a fantastic author, designer, actress, and activist. While maintaining a hilarious set, Cho sneaks in (ok, forthrightly includes) hilarious material that doubles as a critique on social and political issues- mainly dealing with racism and sexuality. We love her!

After we are done giggling our rumps off, we want to get down with and celebrate ourselves with the enigmatic Mykki Blanco. Mykki started their career as an NYC-based performance artist, and went on to create a new and totally catchy sub-genre of indie hip-hop, "Queer Rap."

For today's look, we've chosen a multi-textured yet extremely functionally funky getup. velvet overall shorts, a bold floral blouse, and a purse that can be turned into a fanny pack (and vice versa).

April 06, 2017 — Emily Winkler