Recipe : The Paloma

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The Paloma


The Paloma is a refreshing and simple drink based out of Mexico and is quickly becoming one of my favorite summer cocktails.  A little sweet, a little sour and a little salty, the Paloma is a lot like a margarita but much easier to make.  Here is the recipe for my favorite version:



1 part Tequila--- I used Jose Cuervo because that's what we had but you could certainly use something a little smoother

3 parts Grapefruit Soda---I've found that both Squirt and grapefruit flavored Jarritos work well but Squirt might be a little less sweet and is therefore my preference

1 Lime---1/2 oz juice, wedges for garnish

Salt for rim



Step 1:  Salt rim of glass
Step 2:  Fill glass with ice then add lime juice and tequila
Step 3:  Top the glass with grapefruit soda
Step 4:  Stir and garnish with lime 
Step 5:  Enjoy :)
- Sam

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