Revival Home : Apothecary Favorites

Revival Home : Apothecary Favorites
Teah's Apothecary Favorites
When the girls asked me to put together a few of my apothecary favorites from our sister store, Revival 119, I knew it would be more than a few. We’ve been adding so many amazing bath + body, skincare and candle lines in the past year that we’ve been open. My bathroom cabinet is officially stuffed. So here are just a “few” of my Revival 119 staples.
  • “Bright Eyed” Eye + Facial Elixir (Ebb + Flow): If I had to pick a single product to recommend, this would be it. It’s a godsend for tired eyes, fine lines and generally damaged and thirsty skin. I apply it under my eyes and pretty much all over my face directly after a rinse, while my skin is still damp. Also, it’s local and handmade by a killer lady pal!
  • “The Fox” Roller Ball (Scout): My favorite scent out of Scout’s woodsy fragrance line, originally blended for our men’s pop-up boutique a few years back. One-man fragrance wonder, Luke Gilderbloom, has since relocated to San Fran and we’re one of the exclusive boutiques carrying this bestselling line. Another amazing human lovingly making amazing products. Side note: my hubby uses this and the beard oil religiously.
  • Underarm Lotion (Fig + Yarrow): I have a million products from these guys (almost literally) and this is the one I can’t live without. It’s moisturizing and deodorizing and smells great!
  • “After Sun” Aloe Mist (Herbivore Botanicals): I’m ridiculously pale and burn so easily. This helps soothe and moisturize dried out, sun-kissed skin with aloe, lavender and mint.
  • Teakwood + Tobacco Candle (P.F. Candle Co.): Holy shit does this smell amazing! It’s musky and bold and makes the whole house smell like teak and sandalwood.
  • Facial Serum (Fig + Yarrow): Another amazing facial oil that I couldn’t part with. After a shower, I spray my face with the Rose Hibiscus Spray (up next) and then use just a few drops of this luxury oil. Then I follow with Ebb + Flow’s “Bright Eyed” Elixir and my face just drinks it in all night. I’ve seen my skin improve so much from its original dry and blemish-prone state with this easy and simple regimen.
  • Rose Hibiscus Spray (Herbivore Botanicals): This toner is super moisturizing and balancing and smells like hibiscus and coconuts. Pretty much the most refreshing thing in the world. Use it every day. Also, I swear it’s the most used tester in the store.
  • “Big Sur” Ceramic Candle (Norden): My favorite candle ever. Smells like oakmoss, pine and citrus. When you’re done with it, you can use the container as a mug too. Genius!
  • Facial Scrub (Fig + Yarrow): An uber nourishing and moisturizing exfoliant made with oats, honey, minerals and botanicals. I bust this out the minute my skin gets anywhere near flakey.
  • Citrus + Vanilla Sugar Scrub (Fig + Yarrow): A refreshing and exfoliating scrub that seriously takes away dead skin and replaces skin with an oil-rich, moisturized feel. I also love their Coffee + Cardamom Scrub. I fluctuate between the two, and I highly recommend the both of them. It also helps with my Keratosis pilaris, you know those pesky little red bumps some people get on the backs of their arms and legs.
  • Charcoal + Dead Sea Salt Soap (Bar Soap Brooklyn): The activated charcoal draws out bacteria, chemicals and dirt. It feels like a complete detox in a bar. Because it’s so absorbent, it acts like a magnet to draw out toxins. Also the sea salt on top provides magnesium and a little exfoliant. I think it’s the best soap I’ve ever used.


 - Teah