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Five Days of Anna Wickes: Farewells

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“And this is the time of the night when we all say I love you”

- Anna, Revival Christmas Party 2015


"The universe most have known we needed each other because I know you have given myself & Revival so much!!!! Thank you for all of your incredible hard work, commitment, creativity, honesty and inspiration. You are amazing and are headed into an exciting new start in NYC!!!! Off to do great things all while rocking you and your style - Anna you are my inspiration.” - Sheila
"Anna, wishing you nothing but warm fuzzies in New York. We love you more than words and will miss you SO much!!” - Teah
" I'm so happy for you that you get to reunite with the Big Apple! Good luck on this new phase in your life. Remember that I'm only a phone call (or FaceTime) away. I hope you make it back to visit and I can't wait to take Helen on her first trip to NYC! You are a friend of a lifetime and I'm so glad to have you in my life!” - Liz 
"Best of luck to you, Anna. I hope we someday go on NYC adventures together!" - Theresa
"I'll miss you, Anna, but I know you're off to glam-er pastures!” - Gwen
"Goodbyes are hard, so how about we just see you soon, gonna miss you lady" - Hanz
"Knock 'em dead ol' candy! Love you!” - Abbey
"I've learned so much from you, oh wise one. I have no doubt that you'll continue to inspire in NYC. It's been real! Love you much and for always." -Em 
"Although I didn't have the pleasure of working with Anna for a long amount of time, the time that we have worked together has been awesome! She is a joy to be around and I'm going to miss Anna greatly while shipping all the online orders. New York is lucky to have such an incredibly talented and creative lady!" - Alexis
“Anna!  I’m really gonna miss you!  Love you and good luck and all that in NYC— we’ll be coming to visit!!!" - Samantha

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