Five Days of Anna Wickes: Shopgirl Stories

Five Days of Anna Wickes: Shopgirl Stories
10 years

As shopgirls we appreciate top quality and Anna is an outstanding gal with every fiber of her being. We've shared countless good times with her, and here are a few of our fondest memories! 

"Oh Anna banana! Such a special gal. Was a miracle to make such a dear friend in my late 20's. So rare. There are too many stories to count with this one. Love how she always gives it to me straight, is down to do whatever, and is extremely thoughtful.  One of the first times that Anna, Samantha and I all hung out together at my place Anna was drinking a Smirnoff Ice (I was judging). We had a running man competition and all fell asleep on the couch in the living room. " - Abbey
anna and liz
Liz and Anna
"Anna and I got to know each other watching New Girl after work every week. Naturally our taste in TV watching matured into Broad City.
There was the time Anna and I stayed up too late and began watching terrible As Seen on TV adds. We laughed til we cried and then anonymously ordered a "Cuchini" and sent it to Sheila as a practical joke. We thought we were hilarious." - Liz
In Store
"I still will never forget reading the first email from you with your resume and thinking omg,omg,omg this woman is amazing - does she really want to work here??? I better respond fast before she changes her mind!!!" - Sheila
" Anna has always been at Revival. I mean she hasn't, but it feels like it. It's hard to believe she's leaving. There were all of the killer Revival parties, all of the late night photo shoots in the basement with Phyllis and Monster, all of the giggles and humming, all of the times we heard her say "Aww! C'mon!" There was the time we pulled a shard of glass out of our co-worker and friend, Hannah Rohret's foot at 11:30 pm. There was the time she, Sheila, and I wore the same shoes to market. Also, I'm pretty sure she treats her cactus like a pet. I immediately loved her for her love of John Waters and documentaries and stripes. Clearly she's more than that. She's kindness and jokes and 50's slang and marshmallows and thoughtful birthday cards and Elf quotes and The Mill patio and stripes. I feel like I'm giving a eulogy, but I just want everyone to know how much of an impact Anna has made and how much we will miss her both personally and professionally.” - Teah
Sam and Annamallows
“Anna is the best and I can’t believe she’s leaving!  She is not only a great coworker but an amazing friend.   Her sense of style and humor are top notch :)  We’ve had so many great times together!  These are some of my faves:  Our trip to Chicago (and that afternoon you and I sat on that patio for like 3 hours), that time you, me, Abbers, and Chrissie played carroms and wore coordinating team outfits, dancing by the jukebox with Hannah R. at the Mill, the Mill!, going to dinner, going to comedy shows at the Englert, and of course making Wickes and Weismayer handmade marshmallows!  We never did make our millions but we sure did have fun.  Every winter from now on I will say, “It’s mallow season!”  - Samantha
T and A summer days
"The first time I went over to Sheila's a few months after is been hired I got paired up with Anna for paddle boating - I was a little nervous as any sort of hand eye coronation isn't my thing, before I said anything Anna, in pitch black sunglasses and an oversized sun hat (if I'm not mistaken) told me she had no intention of winning the race and would be happy if we made it back without falling in. I think we got beat by Oni. Best time on a paddle boat I've ever had.” - Hanz
xmas party
"I was initially intimidated by the classy brunette when the revival ladies would come to the mill and I'd have to serve you all. ALWAYS with the vodka soda and like (like Hannah mentioned). The intimidation immediately wore off when I started working at revival and I realized Anna is like THE coolest. I never got to work on the floor with her, but any time I needed a dose of sass or encouragement I could go back to her office. One time, she let me read her birth chart and I confirmed that her sharp-shooting, quick-witted, and warm personality are cosmically predestined.” - Emily
T and A
"On a summer day a few years back, Anna Hännah R, Virginia and I went out to the Sand Rd farm to pick blueberries and well, we were either too late or too early since we only found a single berry. Then later that afternoon, Anna and I drove out to woodpecker trail and swam in the reservoir. We managed to get lost on the way back to the car and found another gal lost in the woods. So the lost girl, Anna and myself again took the wrong trail and ended up at a campsite. I also always think of Anna whenever I see red plaid tops. Or red tartan." - Theresa
" Anna became like a sister to me as I got closer to graduation and we had lots of fun, gal-pal adventures with Theresa, Abbers and Sam! (summer 2012 was glorious haha). I even lived with Anna for about a month in her place on Brown Street while I continued to work at Revival after graduation but had no apartment in IC anymore.
One night we spontaneously went out to see an Irish/Scottish (?) band - Wylde Nept- with Reeters one night and had a blast and then later felt totally inspired to do a blog post about it, which never came into being (understandably) haha." - Hannah R. 
"Anna! Anna is a super special, wicked witty, relentlessly chic lady, and she'll be sorely missed round these parts. Her move is a huge loss to Iowa City's limited vanguard of truly original human personalities. Even before working together at the store, I had so much fun doing Revival photo shoots with Anna. Her keen eye for color color color never ceased to amaze, and her smart, dry, weirdo humor made standing around outside feel like fun-funny girlfriend hangs. We always used to reminisce about how NYC was BETTER, and it was a comfort to me after just moving back to have someone to gripe-laugh with about Iowa's failings. “ - Gwen
mad men
"Oh yeah! The Madmen premier that Anna and I planned for Revival! That was so much fun dressing up and giving out prizes. We watched Madmen every week at Gabes and got all the dude bartenders hooked.” - Liz
Hannah and Anna
"Anna sure did love her red shoes and got them all out to show me one night - "A girl can never have too many pairs of red shoes." - Hannah R.
"The time Teah, Anna, and I went to IKEA to get thing for 119. We ended up going to two Ikeas to find the perfect chair and then all piling into Anna's car, I had cacti on my lap, Teah was squished in the back between a trash can and a lamp? (Teah?) Anna was able to truck us all home with a foot wide field of view out the back, luckily all humans and cacti made it.” - Hanz
"  I also love the time when I picked up Anna up and she said "Wait! Don't start the car! I have to put my seatbelt on and unwrap my hard candy and put it in my mouth!" Love that diva. Loved having tv tuesdays, jerry rigging lighting for product shots, drinking vodka sodas w/ lime, and clowning with this girl.” - Abbey
"Anna and Abby were the hostesses with the mostess for my wedding.Anna and I would sit on her porch on Burlington street like two old biddies sipping cocktails and watching drunk people wander by. We called it Neighborhood Watch." - Liz
hannah and Annabasset piggy bank
 This terribly sad "nobody loves me basset hound is very important to Anna and me - we found it at Artifacts one day and have obsessed over it ever since. One of my favorite activities with Anna : dancing to the jukebox at the mill." - Hannah R.