Backyard Glamping 101

Backyard Glamping 101

Oh, there's nothing quite like the great outdoors. Oh, but, *sigh*, the sweet creature comforts and plumbing of the indoors. This weekend, I wanted to harness the power of the extremists, the crunchies, the down n' dirty freeze-dried baked bean Clif Bar warriors. But, this weekend I also wanted to gather my best pals for a chill hang and have access to wifi, running water, and cold Chardonnay. Alas! I found the way. I like to think that I found Backyard Glamping, but I think it'd be fair to say that Backyard Glamping found me. 

If you haven't heard about this hopelessly millenial and Instagram-driven trend, are you actually living under a rock? If so, get out from under there and grab your gear- we're setting up a magical experience. 

I will share with you how I achieved a roughing-it simulation within four feet of my own home. 


    1. First and foremost, get Shelter. Nothing fancy required, though it depends on the level of glam you're aiming for. I have a standard LL Bean 4 person tent and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to set up. A few helpful reminders:

    • Face that thing westward if you're trying to get adequate beauty rest.
    • RAIN FLY! Even if there are no anticipated showers, this will add an extra layer of protection from the elements. 
    • Never cozy enough- bring the things that make you feel at peace. 

    2. D E C O R 

    • Mood is essential. I brought my favorite tapestry and battery-powered copper string lights. 


    3. T U N E Z

    • Yes, it's cute and endearing to have your buddy crooning on his acoustic, but this is GLAMPING. I brought my Bose and hollered at my Spotify Premium account to set the jams. 
    • playlist: 
      • In the Moonlight // Blithe Field
      • Corona // Calexico
      • Halah // Mazzy Star
      • Smokey Taboo // Cocorosie
      • Creature Comfort // Woods
      • About to Die // Dirty Projectors
      • Fiya // Tune-yards
      • Stoned // Widowspeak
      • Lemonade // Braids
      • Weird Honey // Elvis Depressedly
      • The Night Air // Shady Elders 

      4. B U Z Z - O F F 

      • Bug Soother. 'Nuff said. 

      5. S N A X 

      • Another obvi. 

      6. M I S C - F U N 

      • On account of the New Moon, I brought my Wild Unknown Tarot deck to the tent and got occult with it. 
      • For non-practicing witches, I'd suggest board games, manicure supplies, coloring books, or literature. 


       7.  G O O D - C O M P A N Y 

      • Last, but CERTAINLY not least, bring your lovers and friends. 



      Happy Glamping!