Revival Travel: Roatan 2016

Revival Travel: Roatan 2016

One of the reasons I married my husband was his passion and high regard for travel. We wanted to travel often, a lot and any time we could. But now with two kiddos, two businesses (he too, owns his own biz, Davisson Millwork) it doesn't happen the way we thought it might, but we still do squeeze in any when we can.


This trip was the whole Davisson clan - 12 of us off to a small island of the coast of Honduras to dive, snorkel, swim and relax!!! You know all those things toddlers and little kids love to do ;) but we had strength in numbers so we could all have take our turns with the littles and then have our adventure time! 

SO check the pretty pics and put Roatan on your LIST, like today! The trip is quicker and easier then you think! Go before everyone (meaning the giant resorts) get there and set up camp - it's beautiful, it's worth it and you will LOVE it!!!!


Roatan is the largest of the three island located off the northeastern coat of Honduras. It took us about 7 hours door to door from Iowa to the sunny, balmy breeze of the ocean. Bear & Oni were champs!!!


Home of the second largest coral reef on the planet - the diving, snorkeling and fishing is stellar and not to be missed. Our guides Denise and Manuel made life easy for us - picked us up at our dock and whisked away to other worlds under the ocean surface!





When you go, have a Monkey La-La and enjoy a sunset for me!  
        until the next adventure!  Sheila XOXO