Repotting Succulents for the Aspiring Apartment Gardener

Repotting Succulents for the Aspiring Apartment Gardener

Having recently burnt through a few Revival 119 candles (and being unwilling to give up their aesthetic because hey, look at this beauty, and this guy), my roommate and I decided to pot some succulents on a sunny, Saturday afternoon. 

 Moped Views

Our apartment view is of a Moped Shop, and the only grass around is the tough stuff that forces its way through the concrete parking lot below our deck. Needless to say, I have no gardening tools to speak off.

Revival Candle Repotting

With visions of a Pinterest-worthy apartment dancing in our heads, we headed off to Pleasant Valley Garden Shop and Housework’s (for a few more pots). Loading up on pink leafy succulents, spiky cacti, organic planting soil, and one Venus Fly Trap (my roommate), we regrouped on our porch.

The Spread

In lieu of a trowel, we used large soup spoons, and I gathered gravel from the nearby train tracks. This is gardening for the Aspiring Apartment Gardener by the way. With wine.

Norden gets a facelift

The soup spoon worked surprisingly well to scoop those suckers out of their plastic containers. Gingerly, we set them on little beds of train gravel before surrounding them with some organic dirt goodness. 

Wine and Succulents = Perfection

After a little drink of water (from a watering can I ordered online weeks prior in anticipation for just such a day), the little guys were ready to join our family! Now just to introduce them to the cat.  

Coffee Table with Succulents