Revival 119 Skincare : Facial Routine

Revival 119 Skincare : Facial Routine
Revival 119 skincare

Not until this year did I fully realize the envy behind "smooth as a baby's bottom." Skin ages (unfortunately), just like the rest of us. And we put it through a lot : the grim of a football Saturday afternoon on a pedmall patio, a sweat sesh at Hothouse Yoga, or a few drinks on a Friday night at Clinton Street Social Club. Our skin deserves a little pamperin'! Below is a basic skincare routine with products currently at Revival 119. [Disclaimer : All skin is different, some products can be tailored to your skin's needs whether that be oil control, dryness, or acne prevention.]  



Get that grim off your pretty little face, unclog those pores, and get ready to put some goodness back into your skin. At Revival 119 we have the following products that masterfully accomplish this step.

Herbivore Cleansing Bars (for oily/blemish prone skin try the Charcoal Bar)

Fig&Yarrow Cleansing Nectar

Bar Soap Brooklyn Bar (we recommend the Green Tea Bar for it's anti-aging properties)


Get those dead skin cells of your face girl! These facial scrubs are gentle enough to use as a exfoliator, without feeling like sandpaper.

Fig&Yarrow Facial Scrub (all natural, all great, there's a lot of Fig&Yarrow in our skincare regime). 

Ebb&Flow Honey Scrub (local and lovely) 


Think of these toners as your MVPs of your routine. They not only moisturize, and shrink pores, but restore your skin's natural pH balance while adding a layer of protection! Yes please!

Fig&Yarrow Complexion Water

Herbivore Rose Face Mist

Harlow Flora Face Potions (New! Owner Sheila swears by this stuff!)


At their core, serums are lightweight moisturizers. Choose your serum based on what your skin needs that day. Brighting? Hydration? Acne prevention? These can be rotated around depending on what your skin is craving. 

Harlow Face Elixir (New! great for hydration, use alone or (pro tip) mix with a moisturizer during the colder months for even more hydration when you're skin really needs it)

Fig&Yarrow Facial Serum (great for balancing and improved elasticity)

Herbivore Facial Rollers (offers three different, all natural, options) 

Harlow Youth Dew (New! All in the title)

Ebb&Flow Bright Eyes (over half the Shopgirls at Revival swear by this stuff for under the eye brightening, and the other half just haven't tried it yet!)

Ebb&Flow Face Nectar (multi purpose product - may use as a serum and a cleanser! Best seller alert.)


Serums and face oils can replace your face lotion, especially during the summer, but there's nothing like using a soft, cloud-like moisturizer that makes your skin feel like that's baby's bottom we mentioned earlier. During the rough skin months to come, these will be our go-to protectors against the dreaded Iowa Winter. 

Barr-Co. Shea Butter (personally have been applying this before makeup in the morning to make application smooth and clean)

Fig + Yarrow Buttercream (the answer to any dehydrated skin!)



Lip Balm 

Herbivore Lip Butter  (choose from Blood Orange, Mint, or Rose)

Fig + Yarrow Lip Tint

Urb Apothecary Lip Balms

Rosebud Salve (as a longtime chapstick fiend, I have been completely and utterly converted to this tin of soft, buttery, rose goodness. Highly recommend.)


Harlow Detox Mask (New!)

Urb Charcoal Mask

Fig&Yarrow Masks (choose from four different clays depending on need. Black - oil removing, Rose - retexturing, Green - balancing, Gold - nourishing). 

Herbivore Pink Clay Mask

Ebb&Flow Clay Mask (New!)


We hope this helps navigate the world of skin care a bit better, but of course, feel free to stop into Revival 119, we're always down to chat about our favorites and hate-its when it comes to skin!