Meet&Greet: Shopgirl Alexis

Meet&Greet: Shopgirl Alexis

Style Icon: No one in particular, but I have a very sporty style, so anyone that can pull off minimal basics with a sporty edge is considered an inspiration to me.

Favorite Color: My favorite color to wear is black but my favorite color in general is purple

Favorite Fabric: Easily denim, you’ll find me wearing jeans almost daily!

Spirit Animal: I took a quiz once that told me mine is a deer, which seems fitting. But in all seriousness, it’s probably a dog. I’ve been obsessed with them since I was little!

Signature Accessory: Does my black hair tie that never leaves my wrist count? Otherwise, my Skagen watch!

Favorite Drink/Cocktail: Shopgirl Teah would tell you that my favorite cocktail is a mojito and that would be correct.

What do you Love About Iowa City:

As a current college student, I love being a part of both the college crowd and local crowd. The atmosphere of Iowa City is so unique and inspiring! I also get really in to Football Sundays in the fall! 

Favorite Iowa City Eat: This is tough. I’m always down to enjoy some Pagliai’s Pizza or something from The Mill

What are Five Staple Items that Should be in Every Girl's Closet:

  1. Light wash denim jeans (Obviously)
  2. Neutral t-shirts
  3. Denim jacket
  4. Leather ankle booties
  5. Super comfy joggers

Favorite Weekend Activity: I’ve been riding horses for almost 10 years, so I love to do that when I find the time. I also like to explore and be outside, especially now that it’s getting warm out. I really love dogs and always seem to have one around during these mini adventures! Running is also on the agenda most days (not just the weekend) I love exploring Iowa City and finding new places and trails to run on.

Favorite Current Revival Item: Knot Sisters “Feelin Fine” Tee 

Favorite Current Revival 119 Item: Everything from P.F. Candle Co 

Favorite Current Style Trend: Minimalism. Also distressed high wasted jeans!

What is the Greatest Style Advice You ever Received? When I was really young, I used to wear a pair of red leather boots with a yellow sundress every single day. This probably happened because I was incredibly stubborn, but also because my mom always told me to wear what made me happy, which I still try to follow to this day. 

How would you describe your style? Basic, Neutral, Minimal. There’s a good chance that the shirt I’m currently wearing has come from the men’s section or I purposely bought over-sized too!