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Style Icon: Probably Jane Birkin. She had that effortless, casual thing down. Just a nice blouse and a pair of blue jeans. I can't wear a skirt or dress to save my life. I also wish I didn't look like a 4 year old with bangs. I've tried. I look like a 4 year old. Also our customers are so creative and inspiring always! I'll see someone come out of the dressing room and I'm like woah I've never seen that top paired in that way! People have cool minds and cool ideas. 

Favorite Color: Ooh tough. Adobe + Sage. Hah! Portlandia moment. 

Favorite Fabric: Silk + Linen

Spirit Animal: Steve Zissou

Favorite Band(s): It'll probably always be Built to Spill + Modest Mouse out of pure nostalgia. But the ones I listen to the most right now are kinda poppy - Diane Coffee, Tame Impala, Her's - or I'm always listening to Jose Gonzalez, Paul Simon, Neil Young. I dunno. 

Favorite Weekend Activity: Once a week (at least) we like to take Monster (our pup) out to Kent Park and just lounge out in the prairie. Never get tired of that. Logan and I also like to grab a coffee and walk around the North Side. Always popping into the Haunted Bookshop to buy up all the used copies of McSweeney's.

Favorite Movie: Toss-up! Jaws + Vertigo! There should be a separate question for your favorite Hitchcock movies.

Favorite Hitchcock Movies: Hah! Vertigo, Rear Window, To Catch a Thief

Favorite Drink/Cocktail: Any cocktail from Trumpet Blossom + Cobra Verde (sometimes with whiskey). I've been very obsessed since inception. 

What Do You Love About Iowa City?: All of the rad independent businesses and the people running them! I love walking into a place, getting what I need, AND chatting with the people who are making it all happen. We have such a spirit of entrepreneurship in this town. So proud to be a part of that community. Sheila (Revival's boss lady!) is amazing!! That goes without saying! And Sandy and the gang at Dulcinea! And Niki and the girls at RSVP! Todd and Margaret at Artifacts! The White Rabbit crew. The Mill crew. The New Pioneer crew. It's all pretty freaking cool! 

What Do You Love About Revival?: CAN I GUSH?! First off, nearly everything I own is from Revival. This was true even before I started working here (SIX years ago. Woah). If you're reading this, you know that style and rare finds and great prices are a given. Second, I love love love going on buying trips with Sheila to pick out all the neat new things we bring you. Super inspiring and fun and honestly I know it's the coolest thing I'll ever get paid to do. Third, customers duh! Everyone says they have the best customers, but c'mon you guys are insanely cool. But MOSTLY it's all of my super amazing work family/ FRIENDS FOR LIFE. I'm moving in June and I'm shedding a (literal) tear just thinking of this now. Sheila, Hanz, Emily, Sam, Shana, Alexis, Nicole, Hannah, Abbey, Anna, Theresa, Audrey, Lana GAWD YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!

What Are Five Staple Items That Should Be In Every Girl's Closet?: Blue jeans, black jeans, white top, a solid jacket, and a good everyday bag you can count on. 

Favorite Current Revival Item: I LOVE the classic Baggu. I had my Baggu tote for 5 years. I'm finally ready to switch it up. You can find it here. 

Favorite Current Revival 119 Item: Can't go wrong with any of our candles. But right now, burning down the house with those Incausa incense. Logan and I are obsessed. You can find them here. That and the string cheese stockpile in the break room. 

How Would You Describe Your Style: Tomboy tryna access a teeny bit o' femininity. 

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