Meet&Greet : Shopgirl Shana

Meet&Greet : Shopgirl Shana


Style Icon: My friends and coworkers in Iowa City. I often see pieces at Revival that I’m like “I love this! I would never wear it but it would look so good on [insert particular friend].” I like looking at people walking down the street and seeing what they’re wearing. Regular people are super creative! Also, 90s Winona Ryder.

Favorite Color: different colors for different stuff. I’m a painter and I have a handful of favorite pigments, but my wardrobe isn’t very colorful. Pink.

Favorite Fabric: vintage with big ugly patterns

Favorite Brand/Designer: I don’t have a favorite. Anything cheap and cool.

Favorite Blog/App: I use the Colourlovers app like an auxiliary limb. It lets you choose or design your own color palettes. I use it for creating color themed displays at Revival and for decorating rooms at home or for making paintings.

Spirit Animal:
Bugs Bunny

Signature Accessory: I have a belt thing. I let the belt choose me like a crystal or a stray dog.

Favorite Drink/Cocktail: dirty martinis that are mostly olive juice.

Favorite Band/Artist:
Favorite Type of Music: I love music!  I love grungy, post-punk and no-wave music. But also dancey, poppy stuff and new alternative music. My fave album of 2016 was Solange’s A Seat At the Table. My fave album of all time is a tie between about 100 albums. Or maybe it’s Thriller. I don’t know, tomorrow it will be different.

What do you Love About Iowa City: So much! I love that it’s a small town and that I have such a great community of people here. I’m super lucky to have really great friends who I can count on for support who are also invested in making Iowa city a great town. And even though I’ve lived in IC for such a long time, I continue to meet new favorite people. (PS it’s also why I love working at Revival) Iowa City people! I also love that it’s a town where it’s perfectly normal to see people walking around in sweatpants and slippers who still manage to have a cool style thing going on.

Favorite Iowa City Eat:
This is such a difficult question because I hate cooking, love eating and there are so many good places to eat in Iowa City. One time I fed myself and my son a huge meal at Oasis for $2! I love Thai Spice, the Motley Cow has amazing food and so many great associations with my bffs who brunch it there when they come back into town, Cliché Patisserie, I could go on.

What are Five Staple Items that Should be in Every Girl's Closet: a fanny pack, a pair of neon biker shorts, neon socks for layering, a tee shirt tie, and a banana barrette, just kidding: a good pair of jeans, a favorite statement piece that you know you look awesome in (belt, necklace, funky shirt or dress, or whatevs.), a good jacket, a basic, versatile shirt, shoes that can pull together mix and match outfits. My style is pretty minimal so I like to use accessory pieces like shoes, belts, scarves or jackets to elevate an outfit from being too plain.

Favorite Current Revival Item:
the Knot Sisters Robertson dress. Uuugh! So beautiful!

Favorite Current Revival 119 Item: PF candle Teakwood and Tobacco candle

Favorite Current Style Trend: I love that the 90s are back in style because I basically never moved on from that decade and now I feel like I’ve caught up again.

What is the Greatest Style Advice You ever Received? Iris Apfel’s statement on style versus beauty. That one can be stylish regardless of beauty.

How would you describe your style? A teenager who is tryin’ to look good but at any moment might be expected to ride in the back of a friend’s pick-up, and who is a mom now.

- Shana