Our Fall Denim + Their Fits!

Our Fall Denim + Their Fits!

It's that time of the year again... pumpkin spice everything, cozy sweaters + our personal favorite - DENIM! Everyone wants to find the perfect pair of jeans for the season that can be their go to pair for any look + here at Revival we want to share with you our personal favorite brands + fits!

Tribe Alive: can we just take a minute here to really appreciate this brand - their vision statement reads, "Tribe Alive empowers women around the world to find financial freedom through safe and meaningful employment at living wages. As a company, we measure success by impact, not profits. Our model is moving the fashion industry toward a more humane approach, where the Earth and the maker are valued equally to the customer." So not only are they super ethical + cool as hell, but their pants, oh wow their pants!

The High Rise Denim Pant:

So as you can see here, they have accomplished the most flattering crop wide leg pant we have yet to find - here they are in indigo.

Model is 5'7 - wearing a size 27.


Rollas: This is a solid favorite of every Revival gal + customer - pretty sure we all own at least 2 - 3 pairs. They fit every body type + style - they also keep their looks fresh with trends while still being sustainable - Their corporate social responsibility reads - "We recognize our role in shaping a more sustainable and responsible future for the fashion industry and are excited to be part of the innovations taking place to create meaningful change. Whilst we acknowledge we have a lot more to learn, we are certainly making significant progress every day and remain committed to making socially and environmentally sustainable choices throughout our processes."

Eastcoast Crop Flare:

These raw hem flare cuties have a super high waist + very stretchy! A great staple in any wardrobe!

Model is 5'9 - wearing a size 26!

Eastcoast Crop Flare - buuuuuuut in corduroy!

Here are the same babies in a black corduroy without the raw hem and ohhhh my are they cute!

Model is 5'9 - Wearing size 26!

Slim Sailor Pant:

These jeans are the perfect hue of blue + have a slight trouser look to them - perfectly paired with your favorite blouse or button up!

Model 5'7 - Wearing size 27

The Sailor Jean

Model is 5'9 - Wearing size 26

Model is 5'7 - Wearing size 27

These 80's style denim are a dreeeaaaam! They are the perfect flare + look at the adorable pocket details in the front + back!

Old Stone Duster:

Model 5'9 - Wearing size 26

The Dusters are a signature Rolla jean with the slight boot cut and high rise waist! These are for those who like a tighter fit jean!

Original Straight Jean:

Model is 5'7 - Wearing size 27

These are the pair of jeans every Revival gal + their friends have boughten for this season! They are the perfect shade of denim, super high rise + a comfortable straight fit - they literally go with everything!

 Just Black: this is a brand we have + always will carry at Revival. They are a crowd favorite - they are comfy, have a very flattering fit + they are made in the USA. "We are just as passionate about high quality denim as we are about making them in the USA." - JBD

Scissor Cut Crop Flare:

Model is 5'9 - Wearing size 26

Need a pair of black jeans to pair with your favorite booties? Here they are! They also have the most adorable raw hem!

High Rise Clean Cigarette:

Model is 5'9 - Wearing size 26

Last but not least we have the very traditional, but also very stylish light wash skinnies - these are what we think of when you ask for an everyday jean!

Come stop in + ask to try some of these style on with us - we'll help you find the perfect pair for your fall wardrobe :)