Sustainable Fashion As A New Years Resolution!

Sustainable Fashion As A New Years Resolution!

As we reflect on 2019 and revel in our feats and move forward from our short comings one thought plays like a loop in my head, "How can I be better about ethically sourcing my clothing this year than last year?" If you're reading this I can assume a few things, you love clothing just as much as we do + you love resale gems and/or conscious about your fashion buying habits. We are all doing an excellent job. 

"The secondhand economy—a $24 billion market as of 2018—is projected to grow to nearly 1.5 times the size of fast fashion (retailers with high turnaround and lower prices, like Zara and H&M) within the next 10 years, hitting a $64 billion evaluation, thredUp reports." reports Renae Reints on Fortune. She wrote one of thousands of articles on the web today on this topic. 

The bottom line is we love to shop, but we love the earth + each other more so for that I am over the moon to work in the resale industry. You people rock and inspire us everyday - so thank you.

All this being said - I know I could be better still about where I shop and how much I shop and I'm sure some of you feel the same. I decided to put some reigns on my "passion" this year and share what I came up with.

1. Buy nothing new: 

Especially fast fashion. I get it, this one is almost impossible and I don't know if I can do it since I'm surrounded by Lacausa and Back Beat Co. all day, which are both very ethical companies, but I am going to really try because I think making this resolution will make me contemplate if I reeeeeaaaallllyyy need it.

2. Clothing Swap:


How To Cultivate Community By Hosting A Clothing Swap

My friends and I are constantly digging in each other's closets and so many times I hear "I don't even wear that anymore," and it is something I got stoked about! One woman's non-stylable trash is another's new stand-out treasure! Break out some champagne and have fun swappin'.

3. Research Brands: 

Find yourself visiting a cute new page daily? Well, read about the clothing your gushing over. Where did it come from, how was it made and most importantly WHO MADE IT. Practicing this in my own life has really turned me on to just how terrible this industry can be, but also how absolutely incredible it is. A good example of this is Jungmaven - I really loved their basics and their whole vibe and then I researched what they were all about and now this is one my very favorite companies. I wear my tee shirt and sweatshirt weekly with pride knowing no one was exploited so that I could have the privilege of wearing this garment. Buy from those who give a shit about the same things you do. Being conscience about where you spend your money is the most important thing you can do in our modern world.

4. Learn how to make/spiffy up a piece: 

Image + Embroidery:

UsedthreadsShop on Etsy

This part of this resolution is what I am most excited about - I am going to learn how to either make a garment or spiffy up an existing one with dyes, beads, embroidery - whatever inspires me! Fashion should be fun and unique to you so let's make it personal! Go nuts!

5. Swear off impulse buying: 


Natalie Borton "March Capsule Wardrobe"

Anyone else have an emotional connection with pieces? I shop when I'm overwhelmed with life, celebrating and sometimes just because I think I need to "fill" a missing link in my closet. I know these are all just justifications to myself because I want instant gratification, which a lot of us do because we are raised in a social media driven consumer society. It's not your fault, but it is your problem. Even if you're like me and 90% of your closet is vintage and resale, it's still just more stuff. It's good for your mental health to release yourself from impulsive behavior so this will be my largest challenge, but I'm sure the most beneficial in more ways than one. A capsule wardrobe might be the way to go for some of you and I've been thinking about doing it a lot myself. Natalie Borton's blog of her capsule wardrobes are very cute and effortless! Check it out :)


Hope you all enjoyed this read and are on-board in 2020 to continue to alter this industry we love so much for the BETTER!